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Datre answers Barrie (Datre199)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Barrie and the first question is; “As best I can understand it, humans have nonphysical personalities who have constructed physical bodies for themselves within which they experience physical reality in order to experience all of the emotions and feelings that go along with that physical experience.”

DATRE; Alright now, first of all you remember, YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE. Alright now, this is not the only experience that you have had. This is a ‘one time’ experience for everyone. Physicality, in and of itself, is a ‘total’ complete package of experimentation and learning just as any ‘total’ experience of ‘any’ type of adventure, shall we call it, is.

Now, there are a great number that this is their first experience in any type of physicality. There are those that have experienced ‘other’ kinds of physicality and this does not negate anything. In other words, you always have been, so the experiences that you have gathered are not ‘raw’ per se. But your perspective on every different experiential exploration changes constantly your understanding of that which you call, the ‘evolution’.

You will find, as you gain understanding of a subject, let us say, in a scientific medical field, this is the way it is now, if you do thus and so, you will get this result. If you take this medication, then you should get this result. If you do this, that will result in that happening. Now you stop and think back of how long there has been medical practice and all the things that have happened over that which you call, a period of time. You go back and look at old records and you see what their ‘cures’ were and you’ll say, ‘that was very barbaric’. In other words, they put leaches on peoples bodies as a cure. They ‘bled’ people as a cure. They did many things as a cure. And you are still going through the same process. You are still looking for cures for each and every ailment that is connected with the physical construct.

But you can see, when you look at that in terms of ‘years’ it is not that long ago – because all of these things are recorded. When you think of the evolution of the whole construct of physicality, there is no way that you can put everything together into a neat little package because there is more than ‘one’ type of physicality to be experienced. So how much has been gained before you decided you wanted to experience ‘humanity’ in a physical construct?

So, when you begin to look at it from that angle, shall we say, you’ll discover that the YOU that you are is not only discovering ‘this’ physicality, but has also discovered other ‘types’ of reality regarding physicality. There are those that will dip in from time to time on a temporary basis, that have no idea about physicality, but have experienced ‘other’ types of evolution that cannot be explained here – because it would make no sense to you.

You limit yourselves to ‘this’ type of experience – this reality. But it goes far beyond that. This physical ‘human’ study is but ‘one’ in the course of evolution of SELF. Continue.

JOHN; Barrie’s next question is; “As physical beings, we physically perceive and, therefore, believe that we are physically here and physically focused all the time, but yet, we are actually blinking in and out of physical reality each instant, so to speak, so that we are as much focused and experiencing the inner, realms as much as and as continuously as we simultaneous focus and experience the physical realm.”

DATRE; Now, you’re talking about the ‘inner’ realms. This has been something that has been talked about down through that which you call your ages. The inner realms makes it sound like you have to go someplace to get into something. This is not the case. You are at all times aware of your physical body to some extent or another. Yes, you do blink on and off. There is a rhythm to all expressions of physicality, including trees, plants, oceans, rivers etc. However, you are constant.

So, the ‘inner’ realm does not exist per se. In other words, you have access to the dream state – as we’ve called it, because it was easier for you to understand. But you have access at all times to that which we call possibilities and probabilities – and those are not ‘inner’ realms. The ‘inner’ realms are something that you, shall we say, guide yourself into experiencing when you “go into meditation” and see all of these things. But, that is a type of ‘physical dreaming’, shall we say. That’s actually what it is. You were experiencing a beautiful lake. Or you were experiencing talking with some people. Or you were doing this or you’re doing that or you’re doing something else. But those are all physical body ‘arrangements’, shall we say. Its no different than daydreaming except that it is placing you in a different area of understanding – which you are creating.

So really, when you’re meditating, you’re doing it – for whatever reason you’re doing it – and that’s perfectly alright if it gives you the satisfaction and the relaxation you are looking for, this is fine. But don’t talk yourself into the fact that you’re ‘not’ creating that from a physical standpoint, because you are.

Now, in ‘dream states’ when you go out and review possibilities and probabilities it is not ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ anything. It is just a simple process of changing focus. You know where you’re going. You know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for specific possibilities and probabilities that you can experience for your own purposes, your own learning processes. Then coming back into the ‘wake state’ means that you’ve connected with the body again.

Then what happens when you connect back with the body, sometimes you come in and you’ll jolt yourself back into the body in the morning. And sometimes in taking a nap, you will leave your physical construct, because you have something you want to check out. Then you come back in and ‘wham’ you’re back in the body and sometimes you’re totally disoriented, and many times there are those who find they come in upside down. So, what they do is try to put themselves back into a relaxed state, perhaps even go back to sleep, to turn themselves around and get back in the right way. The body is wanting your attention and will pull you back and you come slamming back in and you’re upside down or you’re backwards or forwards or whatever, and you’re not lined up in your body and you’re totally disoriented. Its easier for you if you could just totally relax, get out of your body again, turn yourself around and get back in. Not too many can do that, but there are those that do.

But as to the possibilities and probabilities being an inner realm – no, there is no such thing. It has been said it’s an inner realm. The experiences of the Yogis and the American Indians in their sweat lodges where they are experiencing different things and this is what we think of as the inner realms. It is all physically based. Its when you leave the physical construct that you check out the possibilities and probabilities. And, that does not happen every five minutes, maybe doesn’t even happen every few years depending upon what your – if everything’s going according to plan then what do you need to go out for, because you know what you’re doing. Its only in your physical construct you don’t know what you’re doing. But, other than that, you know exactly what you’re doing. Continue.

JOHN; Barrie further goes on to ask; “As far as I know, the English language has yet to come up with terms that actually describe these nonphysical and nonlinear realities that I wish to discuss. So please bear with me as I try to find terms satisfactory to myself which convey what I mean to say. I assume that you have this problem too, in trying to communicate with physical beings. So, its within this inner, spiritual realm – or nonphysical or invisible, nonlinear inner realm – that we humans “go” when we have our dreams. It is within this inner realm that dreams and probable realities have their existence and form, and where our thoughts and emotions have their form.”

DATRE; No, no, your dreams do not contain anything like a picture. It is more that you experience, to some degree, a concept. Then in the possibility/probability ‘concept’ is when you decide if that is feasible to get ‘your’ attention to act on one or the other of these concepts that you perceive. What it is, is as you come back into the physical construct your brain is trying to figure out how to put these concepts into some kind of context that you will understand. That’s why many of your dreams are nothing but garbage because you can’t figure them out. You have only a ‘concept’ of a direction you wish to go in – an experience that you wish to experience.

But there’s nothing that says its cast in stone because it is a ‘concept’ and a concept is flexible. A concept can take many different directions and still achieve the same result from different angles. So that’s where you get confused in the dream state, trying to figure out what’s going on. You can wake up with a nightmare and its not something that you ate. Its simply that you have come up with a concept that is so ‘startling’ to the physical brain, that it perceives it as a nightmare because it cannot understand it. It is so totally chaotic and unbelievable from the point of view of the brain and your understanding of it. Because, if you came up with this off-the-wall concept that you wanted to try and put into action, the brain is saying, ‘no way’.

Its like if someone had told someone, ‘well, we’re leaving now’. For where? We’re going to go to South America. For how long? I don’t know. What are we going to do there? I don’t know, we’ll find out when we get there. Well what’s going to happen? We don’t know. And you’re faced with this and – we’re leaving now? Yes, get your coat, get your shoes, grab whatever you can put in a bag, we’re leaving in fifteen minutes. Total utter confusion? You don’t know where you’re going. You don’t know what you’re going for or what you’re going to do when you’re there. And you don’t know this person, this person rapped at your door and gave you this information and said your leaving in fifteen minutes. Now, if that isn’t a nightmare I’ll put in with you.

This is the kind of thing the brain is contending with. All of this stuff comes tumbling in – then ‘fear’ grabs the individual and that’s what happens when this information comes ‘with’ you and hits the brain. The brain is trying to comprehend and it can’t put anything anyplace and its total chaos. Then you wake up and you’re dripping wet and you’re scared and you’re sick to your stomach and all of this. Its emotional reaction to the information of the concept that is being given.

But these are things that continually happen, this is part of physicality. Now, you get a dream and oh its very nice and you can get up in the middle of the night and record it, and, oh yes, you understand that, that’s perfectly logical. That’s fine. But you see, many things are happening all the time and in physicality you don’t know what’s happening. You say you do, you’ve got it all figured out but it doesn’t always work the way its all figured out. And that’s the surprise. You know what your doing but the physical doesn’t always know what you’re doing.

So as far as an inner realm is concerned, you’re just working in different concepts all the time, its no different. You want to get ‘out there’ and discover what’s out there – which we can’t describe to you. But if you can’t figure out what’s going on in here, what in the world are you going to do out there? You’re going to have less to work with. At least you’ve got a physical body here. That is a help, believe me. You may not think it is, but it definitely is. If you have no physical construct and you have no way of communicating or making yourself understood, then how are you going to manage. You have to have ‘something’ in order to go someplace. And the best way to do it, is to understand ‘here’ before you go ‘there’. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes – because there’s no ‘time’ anyway. The only thing that has got ‘time’ is the physical construct. You have ‘forever’ because there’s no beginning, no end, it all is, there’s no time and ‘everything’ is happening.

Have I got you confused? I hope so. Continue.

Part II Continued on Datre200


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