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Datre answers Tumaini (Part 1 Datre201)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Tumaini and the first question is; “How do we apply physical knowledge to get ahead?”

DATRE: Well if you’re referring to advancing you’re evolutionary process, we have already given you the answer many times. You see, what is most difficult for peoples to understand is that you seem to have the feeling you have to have like a ritual to advance in that which you call your understanding.

If you were to listen to many of the teachers – what they called the grand teachers – you will find that they will give you something or tell you something. Then in the next sentence turn around and they will disclaim that and give you something opposite of what they have told you.

There is a reason for that. The reason for that is for you to make your own decisions.

Now we have said, we have given you the answers to this many, many times. But it is so simple that it is not paid any attention to. How many times have we told you to be an observer? That is your grandest teacher.

You came here to learn about physicality. That’s what it’s all about.

Then if you just look without seeing, without observing, it does you no good. Because, in observing is how you learn.

You’ll say, well I look at everything. But when you are looking at something are you making an observation? That probably takes you what you would call, probably a half minute.

In a half minute of observation you can learn a great deal about physicality.

You can be anyplace on the planet. You can be in a store. You can be on the sidewalk. You can be in a car. You can be anyplace you want to be. And in being an observer you will notice things.

You will notice people. There is no way to get away from them unless you go out into the woods and then you can observe nature. Then in observing nature you learn also.

But getting back to people. In a car, which is your most confined interaction with people, what do you see when you’re stopped at that red light? You see the person in front of you combing their hair and patting their hair down and combing and combing and looking in the mirror. It does not matter if it’s a man or a woman.

What are you observing by that? Someone that either wants to look their best. Someone that has a big ego. You can make all kinds of stories by looking at that one person. You’re watching humanity.

You’re walking down the sidewalk around houses – I guess people don’t do that any more, they run. But even in running you can observe. You can go through neighborhoods and not see anyone, except gardeners working on lawns. Because the people there are too busy with other things to be bothered with taking care of that lawn – that has to be perfect.

Now what do you gather from that? The person has a lot of things that they are involved in. But they’re not involved with the earth. That is just something to look at, it’s pretty.

I drive my car in the driveway, I look at the lawn, the flowers. Everything is well kept, and walk in the door and don’t care.

Then you will run through another neighborhood and you’ll see men and women out in their yards, tending their flowers or mowing their lawns. They may not like it. But they’re interacting with that which you call, your planet that you live on.

Now, regardless of whether they’re enjoying it or not enjoying it, that doesn’t matter. It’s that there’s interaction with your planet.

Now you go into a grocery store there’s lots and lots of people, that’s a store that everyone has to go to, whether they want to or not. Because that’s the only way you get food today.

You don’t have to go out in the garden and dig and hoe and cultivate pull your own things out of the ground. You go to a store where everything is in cardboard and plastic – including fruits and vegetables and everything you want to buy. So you have to go to a store.

How many people do you observe in the store? Or do you just run in and buy something and get angry because there are too many people in line and get out of there as fast as you can? Or do you take just two minutes more that’s all I ask you, two minutes more, to observe the people in the store?

Try this. This would be fun for you.

Next time you go into a store, see how many peoples in the store are smiling. See if you can find one. At the end of the line, you may have the check-out clerk smile at you – maybe. See if you can find one person smiling.

Are people rude, inattentive, blocking the isles with their carts? Then you ask them to move and they get mad.

Observe what is happening with the peoples on your planet. No one is enjoying that which you call, your life experience.

Observation! Don’t just read my words, they will do you no good. We have said that many times, many times.

Intellectual knowingness does not move you forward. It is the intellectual knowingness that through observation you will get understanding. Then through understanding you will get what you term in your words, as wisdom.

You might hear someone say, that is a wise person. What is a wise person? Have you ever stopped to think what a wise person is?

A wise person is not necessarily an intellectual person. A wise person knows through understanding.

Now that is one of the most important things you can do. And it takes you no time at all and it will get you where you want to go faster than anything we can observe on your planet as far as the human construct is concerned.

The wise person through knowingness achieves an understanding that changes the vibratory construct of the body. In changing the vibratory construct of the body, you more easily slide into and out of different realities for your experience and for your growth. Next question please.

JOHN: The next question is; “What is the essence of being (if there is)?”

DATRE: The essence of being, is you in the physical construct. That’s your very essence, there is nothing else.

You are not your body. Your body is a vehicle, a containment, that you have fashioned for your experiences. Your body changes as you wish to experience different things within your physical reality construct.

But the body only changes as the indwelling you desires to achieve something different. To experience something different.

At that point, the body will accommodate your desires. Then to what extent it accommodates your desires depends upon your intent and your purpose.

Now we go back to this, if you want to be – what is so popular now that we saw on television the other day was these individuals climbing up something that looked like a rock. They go way up on this piece of board that looks like a rock and then they get to the top and then they come down.

Now, that to them is something they want to achieve.

They want to be able to climb that rock. It is a challenge for them. The first time they went up, they went up a little ways then had to come down. The next time they go up further and have to come down. Finally they get to the very top and it’s an exhilarating experience.

How did they achieve that?

The body couldn’t do it the first time. The body couldn’t do it the second time. And however many times it takes to get to the top, that is where the happiness is. But it is your desire and your intent to reach the top.

Then depending upon your physical construct will decide how long it takes your body to be able to build up that type of a body that you want to climb to the top.

You see, it is a cooperative effort. But it is the essence – which is you – that has the body doing that. All right, next question.

Continued on Datre202


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