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Datre answers Tumaini (part 2 Datre202

JOHN: The next question from Tumaini is; “How do we enhance being an individual in the whole?”

DATRE: Well, I don’t understand that question exactly. What is your desire? I don’t understand, because there has to be a desire. There has to be a goal set and working towards that goal that you wish to achieve.

If your desire is to gain as much information and as many experiences as you can during this lifetime so that you are satisfied that you are making the progress that you want to make, so that when you get to that which you call your death, you don’t complain because; I should have done this and I should have done that and I should have done something else. Which only locks you into that which you don’t want to be locked into and no one does it but you.

No one can set your goals for you.

You must set your goals yourself. If you want to experience life to the fullest, in what way do you want to do it? What makes you happiest?

We can give you all kinds of information. But if you don’t get out and act upon the information it will never do you any good.

You can read every psychic manual. You can go to all the different teachers that you want to go to. And each one you will learn from.

But that is intellectual knowingness. You have to get out and experience that which you are learning. And I do not know how you are going to do that because it is your intent, your purpose, and there is no two people alike.

Just think of all the people on this planet and all the people in the dead zone – then realize there is no two alike. There can’t be, because there has to be a thrust forward continuously.

You might say; well that person never amounted to anything. You are looking at that individual from the standpoint that he probably was not successful as far as “business” was concerned.

He may have lived in a run down shack and had shabby clothes and lived in a little town some place. Then you’ll say; well that person never amounted to anything.

How do you know what’s in the mind of that individual? What’s stored in that brain?

That individual may have worked on peoples yards. Did some painting for them. Maybe repaired a roof. Did odd jobs all around town with these different people. Enjoyed going down town and talking to all the people down there.

And maybe he chose that in order to be the observer that he wanted to be. Then in his time alone how do you know how far he travels in his different realities?

Outward appearance does not tell a story. You can make up a story in your own brain based on outward appearance. But you never now what is inside an individual. It is your intent and your purpose to do what? And how do you want to achieve it?

You see, that’s the difference with the peoples that are interested in the Datre material and all the psychic material and everything that they want to know about. There is no definite plan.

In other words, if you want to be successful in a business and you know you can’t go to college, where do you start out? Well, give me any job, this is what I want to do.

You start out being a clerk or working in a stockroom. But you’re always looking at the job ahead of you and planning on getting there. So you pick up as much information on the next job that you can. So that when that job opens up you’ll say; can I try that? And they say; well, we’ll give you two weeks and if you can’t do it then we’ll have to put you back where you were. All right, give me two weeks, just let me try.

And this is the way you continue to go up the ladder until you’re president of the company. Because you have a set goal.

Now, that is the way you do with other information. The only thing that’s different, is that you can physically see the path ahead of you.

When you work with an evolutionary process of you through a physical construct you cannot see, until you begin to have experiences that are AH HA’s. Then through these AH HA’s you will know you have achieved one more step towards the goal that you wish to achieve. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is; “Is my own effort in enhancing others a righteous one?”

DATRE: Why do you have to enhance others? They’re your pictures. You’re painting the people – the others – in front of you the way you wish to see them. So why do you need to enhance them?

This is one of the things that you enjoy doing. Everyone, for whatever reason, on your planet – I should not say everyone, there are many that don’t, but many people on this planet, they want to helpers. I want to heal you. I want to write a book for you to make you happy. I want to give you a message. I want to channel for you. I want to enlighten you. I want to give you love. I want to give you hugs. I want to make you feel better.

But you forget, the one person that you have to make feel better, is you.

And it’s not you, you know what it is? It’s the physical body. Your physical body is what works through beliefs and emotions. Your beliefs and your emotions draws you into different areas of discovery.

If you don’t have any plan, then watch what your body does for you. You may resist some experiences. But there is something that you want to experience. And what better way, than to communicate with the body, and have the body take you through the experience?

You don’t realize, but many lives have been changed by very simple things. I can give you a for instance where the body showed an individual something very important.

The individual was standing on a sidewalk. The light fixture changed and said that you could now walk across the street. They were watching so intently, that the moment that signal changed, they stepped out into the road. But the car coming did not want to stop for the orange caution light and wanted to sail right through. And they did not see that car.

But the body was aware of the car and stepped hurriedly back onto the curb. And the car went sailing by without incident.

That one instance shocked that individual to such a point that at that moment they realized the preciousness of life and the validity of the body.

There are no pathways. There are no roads. There is no need to help anyone else.

We have said many times; a master walks among them and when a master walks among them, things are changed. You don’t need to change anyone but your self.

Now, we talk about seeing and observing. You also have ears and you listen through your ears. Which gives you another sensory perception. There is a great deal of difference between listening and hearing.

You can sit in a room and listen to a man or woman give a speech on something that you are interested in. And yet, how much did you hear? There is a difference. Just sitting and listening is one thing.

You can go anyplace and just sit and listen. But hearing makes a difference. Because, hearing is absorbing and getting an emotional re-action or an emotional response from what you are hearing.

This is also another form of observing. Observing does not necessarily just have to with your eyes.

There is another way of observing which you overlook many times. How much does your body perceive? Your body has an aura. Your aura is constantly picking up information and gathering it into your body.

That is why many people will walk by someone ill and feel ill. Their aura has interacted with another aura. Then you know it immediately.

Most people don’t pay any attention, because they’re too busy thinking of something else. But, there are others that may be thinking of something else just randomly, but they will feel that prickling sensation. They will feel the illness.

They might even turn around and look at the person thinking that the person has bumped them. They think that the person has bumped into them. Another person will feel the illness. You don’t know what your body receives.

But, if you’ll stop the next time and find out how close that person was to you, that walked by you, that might give you a little bit of an idea of how of how far spread your aura is.

That is another way of observing.

If that person was very close to you and you felt it. You know your aura is very tucked in. If the person is two feet or three feet away from you and you feel that, there is no way that person is touching you, then you feel that and you turn and look at that person and you feel sick. You will know that your aura is out that far in order to interact with that person who is ill.

Because an ill person or a sick person, has an aura that is very, very close to their body. When you don’t feel good within your body, you pull your aura into yourself. Because you tighten your body muscles. And in that way your emotional body pulls your aura in very tightly to your body.

So if you are two or three feet away from that individual and you feel that. You know that is your aura that has touched them.

These are means of observation. These are the three that you can recognize most easily. The eyes. The ears. The aura. We thank you, we are Datre.


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