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Datre answers John B.(Datre 203)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from John and his first question is; “Do you know where I can find more advanced information?”

DATRE: Everyone is looking for more advanced information. Is this not advanced enough for you? Do you know your physicality? Do you know what you are doing every moment of the day? Do you know what you are creating? How you are creating it?

That is what physicality is all about. That is what you came here to learn. Do you know what you are doing? That is what is important. You can have information, like on the Datre or any other material that you pick up that is written and is but symbols. Then those symbols translated by you is your understanding.

Now, when we put out information it is stated in such a way that those that have the understanding are making great strides. They’re taking the information and building frameworks. Unless you have a good basic understanding to begin with, you can’t build a house.

Everyone wants advanced information to go out into the Big universe. That is not what you came in here for was to get out of here. You came in here to experience. To find out what you could do in physicality. What are your parameters in physicality? How far can you stretch your knowingness?

It is through not gathering all kinds of information. It is through experiencing.

We have said over and over again, through observation you will discover what you are putting in front of you for your understanding.

There is nobody that can tell anyone how to understand anything. In school you are all given books to read. Yet, there are no two people that have read those books that have the same understanding. Why? Same books. Everybody is reading the same books. Everybody is taking the same questions in a test. Then how come some people get big marks in a test and other people don’t get big marks in a test? That’s not the point. The point is do you understand what you read? It’s in the understanding.

Take a very simple thing that everybody has to go through, and that’s mathematics. How can you do calculus unless you start with the basics of one and one makes two? How do you add? How do you subtract? How do you divide? How do you multiply? You don’t get that in your first day of school.

Yet, you want to go from the first grade and say, well I know all this, so give me calculus. But, what goes on in between? You’ve got geometries of different kinds. You’ve got algebras of different kinds. You’ve got all different kinds of mathematics. Then if you don’t understand what it’s all about, it isn’t going to do you any good. It’s the understanding of the material.

Then everyone wants to go out into the Big Universe. Why? You know what you’re dreaming of? You’re dreaming to dream of going out into the Big Universe. But the dream is a dream you are creating.

You haven’t figured out how to set up a road map to get there because, you’re so interested in the end result. Anything that you do on the planet has to begin at the beginning. You have to start with a design or a concept. If you have an end product in mind, you have to have a design to be able to make the end product.

Then, how many times when you’re in the process of working with the basic designs down to writing a manual as to how you put this bolt with this nut through this piece of equipment and bolt it down. Do you bolt it down with a piece of equipment that is machinery or do you take a screw driver and very gently tighten it down?

This all has to go into your plans. Then you’ll say, well that’s very simple. It is not simple. It never has been simple and it never will be simple. That is why everybody on the planet is still in kindergarten. Because it is not simple.

And why isn’t it simple? Because nobody wants to start at the beginning.

You want to take all the information and put it all together and say, well I know that. But knowing, which is intellect, and understanding are two different things. You know it. But in understanding it, you get wisdom. And you don’t get wisdom in ten minutes.

You can take all the isim’s and the osophies and all the rest of them and they will only take you so far. It will only take you so far, because you have to understand all the steps along the way.

You were not set up to go through physicality and not understand it. You went into physicality to understand how it works. And you found out it’s taking you a lot longer than you expected. You’ve been at this for eons and you still but scraped the surface.

You want to go out there, and yet every day as you set yourselves up with the sundown and the sunrise and going through the night time hours. Every single day you encounter more situations that you pay no attention to then you would if you were a Universal Entity.

A Universal Entity works with nothing to create something.

You can smash an atom and smash it into little pieces. But you have not destroyed the particles that made it up. Can you make an atom? Can you make a cell? You can put your bodies together? You get help putting your bodies together, you get into your bodies. You’re the ones that watch the bodies progression. You’re the ones that change the body – consistently to match what you want to do.

People want to manifest things. They want to go out and take a branch off a tree and shake the leaves and have it turn to gold.

Why? What are you proving to yourself? That you can manifest something. But it has to be spectacular. And yet, your life is the most spectacular thing you will ever encounter.

Why be so anxious to get out of it? Why not get into it and find out what you can do in physicality? You have not begun to explore all the many areas that there are. The hardest thing for young people today, is to take one step at a time. You watch your television commercials – blink, blink, blink, blink. They’re so fast you can’t even watch them. You watch your movies – blink, blink, blink, blink. Hurry, hurry. Car chases. People shooting each other. Explosions. People jumping out of windows. Excitement, excitement, excitement. And yet you’re sitting on a couch doing nothing.

You’re creating those pictures for you sitting on the couch doing nothing to give you some excitement. Excitement, is getting out and seeing what you have set for your self. And you will never find it except through observation.

Observe what you are doing. Someone pulls in front of you and there isn’t room for that car to get in so you have to step on the breaks and everyone behind you has to step on the breaks so that person can get in front of you. Then what do you do? You get angry.

Now wait a minute. You were the one that put that car in front of you. And you know why you did it? To see what your re-action would be. Watch your re-actions.

Nobody put that car in front of you, you did it yourself. Well why can’t I create a brand new car in my garage? I need a new car so badly. Why can’t I put a brand new car in the garage? Why can’t you? If you’re observant enough and watch what you’re doing, you will find there is a way to get a new car in the garage. But it is your decision as to how it gets there.

If you watch through observation, you will see that each step along the way takes you to your ultimate goal. Then you can see that absolutely you created that situation every step of the way. That’s what is important.

Everyone wants more advanced information to get out of here. The fascination is in here. To watch what you are able to create for your self. When you get to the point that you understand that totally and completely, you will have moved through multiple different realities that you create as you go. Each step along the way will take you into a new situation. That is what it is all about.

You’ll say, well that just happened. That is one statement I really don’t like. Why don’t I like it?

Because nothing, just happens. You created it. It did not just happen.

We have said many times, you create your own reality. Yes you do. But, how about these people that walk around and say, well, you create your own reality, you did it yourself. Then that very person will experience something and say, well it just happened. How do they know anything about creating their own reality when they make a statement like that? It makes no sense. It makes no sense to say, well it just happened.

If you know you’re creating your own reality, it doesn’t just happen. You have created it. Now, working from that vantage point and realizing, it didn’t just happen – you created it. Why did you create it? What did you create it for? What’s the reason for that creation?

That’s when life becomes interesting. Then you’ll say, well I don’t have time for that. There again, you create your own time. Well, I’m too busy. You create your own time. You do with that which you create the way you want it – but you don’t accept it. You don’t accept – what you call – the good and the bad both. Because, you think, If I’m going out into the Big Universe then I’m not going to have all these problems. And I’m not going to have all these decisions to make.

You might just as well forget it, right then and there. Because the more comfortable you become as an observer, watch what you are creating and revel in your creations, you don’t want to be any place but where you are. What could be more inviting then creation? And creation with something that you can see and touch and taste and smell? That is a creation you don’t pay any attention to.

You’ll say, Well I’m sick, I’m so sick and I don’t know why I created this. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re searching for answers as to why you did create that. You had a reason for it. And it may be very deeply hidden and you can’t find it.

But the thing is, you work with the situation that you have put yourself into. Regardless of how tough it is. Or how easy it is.

You know, if you don’t experience both sides of the coin, you are missing everything. You’ll say, Well that person has got all this money and they’ve got this great big house and they’ve got this family and they’ve got these children. They’ve got this business and everything is wonderful and they travel all over and they do this and they do that and they do the next thing. That’s what they’re creating at the present time. Because, that’s what they had decided they are going to do.

But everyone doesn’t live on top of the heap all the time. You have no idea what goes on in the mind of the person that’s the creator. You haven’t any idea. All you are looking at is the picture that you see of that individual. You don’t know what’s going on inside their head.

Maybe they’re just taking this particular – what you call – physical life time to just play and enjoy it. Then next time I’ll do the hard stuff. Or, maybe all the easy stuff is coming now, the hard stuff is coming at the end of this lifetime. Or maybe you’ll take the hard stuff at the beginning and finish up with the easy stuff.

It doesn’t matter. You’re the creator.

But until you understand fully that you are, you’re not going to go any place. That’s what you came here to learn. That is all I can tell you.

If the Datre information over that past several years has not moved you beyond the point of wanting to get out of here. Then all these years that we have given this and you have read it, you have gained no understanding.

We are constantly getting letters in emails telling of their particular advancements through observation. They are not asking questions. But they’re anxious for the next Datre. But through observation their lives have become so changed that they can turn around and they don’t recognize who they were last year. They are totally different people, because they are beginning to understand their creation.

And you know what is interesting? Those that are beginning to understand their creation say, I have just begun to learn. I have just begun to learn. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “What constraints, if any, are there as far as manifesting pictures that fall outside mass consciousness in that area. For example, a person flying around Seattle on their own would, I believe, fall out side mass consciousness. That being the case, is it possible for a person now to do that or would that be breaking one of the bubble rules?”

DATRE: First of all, there is no such thing as what you are calling, bubble rules.

But, there again what do you want to do, you want to manifest. You want it to be spectacular to show yourself that you’re creating. That is what we’ve said. You’re creating every moment that you living in physicality, you are creating.

When you recognize your creativity, you’re not interested in this flash in the pan, I can do this, I can do that and I can do something else. You want to do it for two reasons. You want to do it to show your self that you can be a spectacular individual. Then you want to show others that you can do it too. And the others don’t care.

Others don’t care how you’re living your life.

It doesn’t matter to them, they’re interested in living their own life. But the people that live their lives with action instead of re-action are going to be the ones that are comfortable. Those are the ones that are comfortable being who they are.

They know who they are at the present moment. But live in expectation of who they are going to create themselves to be in the next moment. Because they know that they can watch through observation the path that they are setting. Then in following that observation they see themselves constantly changing. It’s their understanding of what they are observing and acting upon. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is; “Datre mentioned that once one figured out physicality, they would naturally move on. Does that occur immediately, only at a birth, or does it solely depend on the individual?”

DATRE: What are we talking about, we’re talking about the individual. The species does one thing, the individual does something else. The individual, when the physical self becomes an individual – that is your goal to become an individual.

You’ll say, Well everybody is an individual. No! No, they’re not. The more that become individuals, the more the species as a whole will advance. But you’re not interested in anything else but your own evolution. Because that’s what is important.

It is not important to help others along the way, only if that is your desire. Everyone wants to help someone else. But, from what vantage point are you helping?

If you’re helping a sick person by feeding them because they are unable to put food on their forks and spoons and put it in their mouth. If you’re feeding them with a fork or spoon full of food – then you are helping them. But you’re helping them from the vantage point that you know how to do it your self. That’s when helping becomes important. You’re teaching from what you know. And you are putting your knowingness into actual doingness.

I know how to put food on my fork and in my spoon, so I will help someone else, because I know how to do it.

But you can’t help someone else do something you don’t know how to do your self.

That’s what happens in that which you call your physicality. You can’t have a professor of, shall we say, (what is of interest right now is the Islamic culture), that has read books and read books and has read books and is teaching the Islamic culture. But has never been outside of his campus.

That is fallacy. You cannot teach something you do not know. Because you have not physically experienced it. The people that should be teaching Islamic culture are not sitting in a university reading a book.

The same thing with any teaching or helping. That is why those people that are working with drug addicts, that have been drug addicts, can help them. Because they have walked the road.

You’ve heard it so many times it’s like the prayers that are repeated incessantly in churches, temples and mosques. It’s a saying you’ve heard so many times and pay no attention to. But the one that is very important, and people will say, Oh, I’ve heard that a million times. Yes, you’ve heard it. But you don’t understand it. The Indian saying that says, Unless you have walked a mile in my moccasins you do not know me.

You have not walked the road that… you have not walked your own road. Let alone walked someone else’s. That is important. You can’t walk another’s road unless you have understood why you’re walking it. You need that understanding. That is basic.

And you can take all the Datre material you want – over I don’t know how many years we’ve been doing this – and take it all and throw it away if you have not learned one thing.

If you have not learned how to create your own reality and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Then all the words that Datre has said mean nothing. Because the symbols you have taken and translated through your own brain, have been meaningless. Without experience nothing is gained.

Every book that has ever been written is meaningless, unless you understand what you are reading. And no two people read the same. That’s why there are those that still keep asking the question – When can I get out into the Big universe? It sounds so wonderful. That is your picture.

Then there are others that are so fascinated by their own creation that they look forward to seeing how they are planning their own existence in physical humanity. It’s the knowingness. Continue.

JOHN: And John’s final question is; “I would like more information about those that will be going out to the Big Universe. The transition, things I can do to help me understand my process better, etc.?”

DATRE: I have just gone through the whole thing. The only way you will ever understand the process is to know what you’re doing. There is no process. How can there be a process when you have that many million, gillions of people on this planet? How can there be a singular process?

There is no such thing. Your evolution is yours and yours alone.

The only difference is, you need to recognize what you’re doing. Why are you creating what you’re creating? How are you doing it?

Well you get out of bed in the morning and you take a shower and get dressed and you go out and make yourself a cup of coffee and… How do you do that? How did you do that?

How is it when you walk into your apartment or you walk into your house or your living space whatever it might be, and you walk in and you say, Oh, I’m so discouraged living here. I want to be someplace else. Then someone calls up that you have not seen for years and wants to come and visit you. And you ask them to come over and as they walk through the door they say, Oh, what a nice place you’ve got.

What did you create? What are they seeing and what are you seeing? No two people, not even the people that are closest to you – your husband, your wife, your significant other, your friend, whatever or whoever you are living with – every single piece of furniture, every single piece of paper, every lamp, the water that comes out of the tap in the kitchen or the bathroom when you take your shower, everything in your environment is seen entirely different by that other person. It’s not the same.

You agree that you have a tan sofa. But what color is tan? You agree that you have cereal with bananas on top. Same cereal, same banana. Take a banana and cut it in half. One half goes on the one cereal and one half goes on the other. What is your particular enjoyment of that particular bowl of cereal with a half a banana? Same food.

Someone says, Oh, I don’t like the taste of this particular banana. Oh, gee it tastes fine to me. It’s the same banana. If it’s the same banana why doesn’t it taste the same to two different people? Because it’s your creation.

Because you observe someone putting that together, you see the cereal go into the bowl you see the banana cut in half and cut into slices, you’re observing the whole operation – and yet it does not taste the same to two people that are sharing the same food. Why? Didn’t you like your creation? The other person did.

It’s a simple thing, that’s why it’s so hard. It’s so hard because it is so simple.

And yet it is so difficult to train yourself to be an observer to see what you are creating. Then if you don’t like your creation, there is no one that is going to be able to change it.

If you think that eating certain foods are going to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. And that’s your belief. You had better stick to it until you have a reason to change it. Changing it just because somebody else says to change it is not going to do a thing for you. Then you would be accepting what they’re telling you and they’re telling you how to create your reality.

Now if you so sincerely believe that person is right, then you change it, then it’s all right. But changing it just to see if that person is right is not going to do anything. Observe! Observation!

That’s all I can tell you – you create your reality. If you want to go flying in the sky, go ahead. Nobody is going to care. Not only that, nobody is probably going to see you either.

You can do anything you want, because you’re not going to effect anybody else.

The only time you effect anyone else is if someone else wants to be effected by you. But it does no good to go and tell anybody – because they’re creating their own reality.

You know, this business called the battle of the sexes. Well it’s about time that the women be this way and the women be that way and the women be another way. Then in the meantime they’ve forgotten to be women. They went through all of this and they’re still going through it. They have to dress in certain clothing to be able to gain the respect they think they deserve.

It’s not the clothes you wear. It’s knowing who you are. It’s that security of knowing that you are doing exactly what you want to do. You’re following your signs through observation and creating as you go.

Your dreams of where you want to go and what you want to be at a young age, can change many, many times. There are those that start out at childhood and they know where they’re going. And they follow that path consistently because that is the goal they’ve set.

Then there are those that start out with a goal and they get this far and no I don’t like that so we change this no I don’t like that and they change that. And they are very unsettled. Then all of a sudden one day they find something – this is it – and that’s where they will go.

Then some people say, All my life I have wanted to be able to paint and I have never had “the time” to do so. Now they’re in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and enjoying it to the fullest. They’ve always had it in the back of their mind that’s what they wanted to do – men and women both.

But you have to set something in front of yourself, then watch the signs to achieve what you want. But if you’re not going to pay any attention to the signs and say, Well I want that, but I haven’t figured out how to get there.

Nobody can tell how to get where you want to go and do what you want to do and manifest what you want to manifest. Nobody can tell you how to do that. You have to do that yourself. It is individual. That’s why I say, Lots of physical bodies on the planet, but very few individuals.

The individuals follow the pattern that they have set before themselves. Because, you in the physical are only acting out probabilities and possibilities that have been accepted by you. You’ve accepted them. You set out the road map to show the physical being how to get there.

It’s like getting in a car and, Well I want to go to New Mexico. Well what city do you want to go to? Well I’d like to Albuquerque. All right, here’s the map and these are the roads that you take. Thank you. You pay for the map you get in the car, you open up the map, you look at it, you close it up again and put it in the glove compartment. Good luck.

You will undoubtedly get to Albuquerque. But it certainly would have much easier to look at the map wouldn’t it? There again, if the United States is brand new to you, you’re going to have a time trying to find Albuquerque.

People here in this country of the United States talk about how people in other countries – in Europe and in the African and Indian countries – and how they should act and what they should do and what their feelings are. Hey, wait a minute, what about your living right here? Have you ever been to those places? How do you know what people in other countries are thinking?

We’ve gone through a great deal of that. Saying that you can be married and living in a country outside of the United States and living in that country. And living with a person that is born and raised there. But you will never be able to think like they do. Why? Because that is an entirely different culture.

That’s why all the differences. In fact, you can’t even think like the person you’re living with. It doesn’t work that way. And the day that you discover that the person you’re living with does not see the same things you do, does not smell the same things you do, does not taste the same things that you do, does not experience in the same way that you do, and find out that that person is total and completely different. That is going to come as a very big Ah Ha.

Then you will begin to understand and begin to discover that you are alone – period. It is your creation – totally and completely. Then you will begin to live an entirely different life.

So, I can’t tell you how to get out of here. I can’t tell you how to move from reality to reality. Because, in this instance there are no books and there are no road maps. Because you are the creator.

Enjoy the MAGIC of your creation.

We are Datre.


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