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Datre Transcripts_204 (Oct. 2002) (repost of 2009)



(This is a repost of the transcript I posted in 2009, since that one had some ASCII errors)

Datre answers June (Part 1 Datre204)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from June and her first question is; “Is not the ultimate experience for any spark of divinity off of the Prime Mover/God/Source/All that is, etc. to find it’s way back to the beginning of itself, as the whole and not just experiencing itself as a small part of that central consciousness/awareness called God?”

DATRE: Now, after all this time of reading these transcripts don’t you realize, that the YOU that you are is NOT a small portion? How big is the YOU that you are? The YOU that you are is experiencing that which you call physicality. The YOU that you are cannot put all of itself into a physical construct any more than any one of Datre can put all of themselves within your small physical constructs.

There has to be a small portion of self that is put into the physical construct for experience.

You equate yourself as being a little bitty person and God being something big and great.

Now number one, the YOU that you are – the very essence of you – is not a little bitty spark. The YOU that you are has been – how far back? You don’t understand the word forever.

We have talked about you being Forever Beings. You have asked, Well when did those in Datre start? Or when did this Universe start? When did this earths bubble start?

Well in answer to the question on the Universe, there are those within Datre that say, It was there when I became aware of it.

That is how you function. You – not the physical construct – YOU. When you discovered or ran across or became aware of physical experiences on this planet, you looked at the experiences that were happening to these little critters – called humans or people in bodies – and you said, Now that’s one of the most interesting experiences I have seen. I would like to take part in that. But I can’t take all of me into that small containment. So I will take a small portion of me into that reality and experience what you call physicality.

Now, where does any God come into that picture?

You are not any part of a God. You are not a part of anything. You ARE.

Aona was listening to a radio program prior to our coming in to do a transcrpt. We happen to be there because we knew we were going to do a transcript and we decided to listen to what she was listening to. Because she was so fascinated by it. It was about the many pieces of music written that included the devil.

I will ask you a question; How many questions have we had since we began putting the information on the net about God? Second question; How many questions have we had since we began putting the Datre information on the net about the devil?

Isn’t it interesting that no one has asked about that which at one point in your evolutionary process was all important? You talk about evil ones. You talk about all kinds of things, but when did you stop talking about the devil?

You who are in your 20’s, 30’s or 50’s probably don’t even remember the impact that the roving ministers had upon the people when talking about the devil. They had great big tents and these roving ministers would come in and scare the peoples with talk of the devil.

Do you have that any more? Only a very few in parts of your United States. As long as we have been bringing forth information we have never ever been asked about the devil.

Why? Because in your evolutionary process you have found that that was not necessary. Now in the evolutionary process, as you become more aware what physicality is really all about, that which you call God will no longer be front and center.

You will find that one of the big problems that you have on your planet is religion. My God’s better than your God. That is one of the big things that is separating people.

You’ll say; Well its race. It’s this, it’s that, it’s the next thing. But you’re not looking at some of the underlying causes.

You will paint pictures over it and say it’s because of this. But when you get right down to it you’ll find that many of the problems you have today, are based on that which you call religion.

So what we’re saying is, your evolutionary process, in that which you call physicality, is continually changing. The more you realize who you are and what you are and why you’re here – is to experience. That is all we can tell you. That is all that is important is your experience here. And getting to know how you can get to know yourself to the point of being able to dream your own realities and walk into them.

That’s what you do. But you don’t realize it.

You’re always looking for some magic way to get from point A to point B. Well, it’s very simple in the physical. You either walk or take a car. You take a bus or you take an airplane or you take a boat. And I may have missed some but those are the only ones I can think of at the present time, to get to where you want to go.

But when it comes to physicality and you want to evolve and you want to get to someplace else, there is no one that can tell you how to do it, because that is within you. No two people do it alike. Evolution is a singular activity.

It is not done in a group. You’ll say, Well we are going into the next reality. Now come on, lets all go. It doesn’t work that way. Evolution is singular.

Now, through the evolutionary process, every single individual that understands more about what their reality at the present time is all about and moves forward, or moves sideways in any direction or moves backward in any direction for experience – you can go any direction you want to, but all of that movement changes the whole.

You think that you’re not important – but you are. Everyone’s evolution is important to the Mass. So, what can I say?

From our standpoint – and we’ve said it many times – your planetary existence has created a God because you don’t accept the validity of your self.

You did not accept, after a period of time, the validity of a devil. So, what is your next step? Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “What tool do you use to eventually find yourself back to the Godhead, to expand all that you are? I ask this, because I am assuming that God, as a refracted, individuated consciousness has the choice to ever expand and find it’s way home to the “Oneness” and as long as Datre exists as Datre, or I June exist as June, the fact that we exist separate indicates that separation from the whole.

DATRE: But there is no whole! Where are you going to stop? In other words, the whole is not your planet. The whole is not your little portion of the Universe called your bubble. It’s not the Milky Way. It’s not even this Big Universe. Because, if the whole was this Big Universe, after you had explored this Universe where would you go?

There are other Universes. So where is the whole?

There is no whole. Why would you ever want to be part of something?

If you want to go back to some God-head and be a part of it, then are you not restricting who and what you are? Are you not putting limits upon yourself and saying, Well there is no way that I can be great, because I can only be a part of the God-head.

Why not be the God-head itself? And then search from that point? That is evolution. There has to be evolution – or there is nothing.

We have talked about the No-Thing. No Thing being two words. Because there is NO-Thing. There is nothing. It is all a psychological construct.

It’s you. It’s your experiences. It’s not anybody else’s.

As close as you want to be to your husband or your wife or your significant other or your children, there is no way, it is absolutely an impossibility to know what goes on in the mind or brain of another person.

You have separated yourselves in physicality because it was your individual desire for experience, for expansion and for knowingness. And you very cleverly – in this physical body – put into the head area a brain that is yours only.

And as many times that they cut open the brain to find out how it works and all this other kind of stuff, they will never find out what you’ve been thinking. Because that is yours.

I think you were very cleaver in creating these bodies. You don’t realize what a Masterpiece you have. You gave yourselves sensory perceptions that allow you to gather information in many, many different ways. And those are all your bits and pieces of information.

These bits and pieces that you constantly absorb every single waking hour. It is all of that which propels you into thinking and dreaming something other than you have at the present time.

But, you don’t watch what you’re doing, because there has to be something magic. It’s more magic then you’ll ever realize.

You have set yourself into a little Universe and you sit there and draw in information and paint pictures of realities that you wish to experience. Now, what’s more magic than that? I do not know. Continue.

Continued on part 2 Datre205


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