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Datre answers June (part 2 Datre205)

: She continues on and asks; “Also, how do you function without memory, in terms of your own learning? Memory for those of us who are incarnate serves is a great teaching tool. It shows us where we’ve been, not just in the memory of the experience itself, but in the physical, emotional and mental impact it had on us; and it gives us an opportunity to repeat or not repeat that experience. Therefore, memory serves as a potential learning opportunity. I’m very curious how you grow, in a spiritual sense, if you have no memory?”

DATRE: Number one, we do not grow in a spiritual sense. Spirituality has nothing to do with it.

You don’t grow in a spiritual sense either. You are growing through experience. So you have that little thing that you call memory that you use to go forward and backward. It’s too bad you didn’t put a bumper stop on it so that you could only go forward.

But you didn’t. So you have the ability to go backward and pick up all kinds of stuff. But, the hard part is going forward. Do you know why? Because, you continually identify backward. That’s the only thing you have to base “an opinion on”. Why do you have to base an opinion on anything?

You pigeonhole things and when you pigeonhole anything, the only reason you can do it is because you’re looking backward.

Now, what happens when you get to the point that you don’t remember backwards and just go forward? It becomes an entirely different world because you do not search out backward to find a similar situation. When you don’t do that, every situation you put in front of yourself with the pictures that you’re painting become New.

Then your actions become entirely different. You’re not relating to anything backward, you have nothing to relate to. So you take every experience as being brand new.

You can’t imagine living that way because there are so few that do that. But, in living that way, you actually gain the freedom you so desire. Then do you know what happens? There are individuals that begin to do that and they pull back because they are afraid.

You have no idea of the feeling that comes when you begin to experience from a NOW standpoint. It is a feeling of aloneness, of being alone. And that is what the physical construct will reject. Unless you have properly taught it and said, I will take you by the hand and we will go together. And you have convinced the body that you will always be there so that it need not be afraid.

You do not understand the depth of the words that I am giving you. But I have told you time and time again, that I will give you information that you are unfamiliar with, for you to experience.

Someone said, When are you going to give us something to knock our socks off? If you want to knock your socks off, then begin to live in what you presently call the NOW.

When you have an experience – stop. Don’t reach into the past. Stop and act on that experience as of the moment. Don’t “ponder it or think about it or anything else”. Take a look at the situation – make a decision – and do it.

That is the beginning of knocking your socks off. Because, when you live in that which you call the NOW, your whole life is so entirely different you will not recognize it – guaranteed. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is; “You say you have no memory, yet you appear to have higher wisdom which you beautifully share. Is that also garnered from the Akashic records once you come in to channel or is there some other way, other than memory that you use to tap into that wisdom?”

DATRE: Well, number one we don’t care about the Akashic records. The Akashic records are nothing more than experiences that have importance as far as “your wanting to remember” is concerned.

In other words, the Akashic records are no big deal. All you have to do is just go and read them. It’s no big deal, there’s nothing hidden. They’re not great big marvelous things. All they’re doing is making a record of your evolution on the planet. Energy imprints of your actions, that’s all that that is.

You’ll say, Well what about the Roman Empire? Well just go and look it up on the Akashic records, that will tell you about it. That will give you all the, shall we say, the largest events of the evolution of the Mass Consciousness on your planet. It’s just events, events, events that’s all that is recorded.

That is what you will do when you begin to understand what this physicality is all about. You will no longer live by anything other than events.

Your day-times will separate themselves. Not into minutes and seconds and hours and lunch and super and all this other kind of stuff, but will separate itself into events. Then you’ll look back at the end of the day and try to recall, Well, now did this happen today or was it yesterday or was it last week?

And you cannot put it in any semblance of order. Well you remember it happened. But somebody says, Well was that yesterday? I don’t know, I have no idea when it was. Then you begin to try and figure back, when was it? Was it today? I have no idea. Well was it this week? Well I don’t know. Well did you experience it? Yes, but I don’t remember when it was.

That is living by events.

If you live by the clock you’ll say, Oh yes, I remember that that was this morning. If you live by events you have no morning. You have morning, but it’s an event.

So an event does not have anything in particular about it. And it’s interesting when you go back to look at an event – you cannot tell if it’s morning, noon or night.

It becomes an event in-and-of-itself. But it doesn’t have a day-time connection.

In other words, you can think back on it. You try to remember if it was morning, noon or night and it isn’t there. Because it is unimportant as to when an event occurs.

It is irrelevant. An event stands upon it’s own merit. That is the way the Akashic records record’s Mass Consciousness, by events.

But, you are so linearly oriented that the events have to be put in an order of some kind. Otherwise if you were to go and read the Akashic records you’d say, Well this part belongs in the Roman Empire and this event belongs with the Greeks and this event belongs to something else. And you couldn’t figure it out.

Your brain is linearly educated and structured. So when you get out of structure, then it’s no big deal, because you don’t care when the event happened. All your interested in is that it shows the evolution of the individuals upon your planet. Your Mass Consciousness evolution.

So, you’re talking about us. Number one we don’t have a body. So where would we put a memory? There’s no place to put a memory.

The only time we are able to have anything – if you want to call it a memory because we don’t have any – is that we are able to, number one, access the information that we have stored shall we say, as a patterning in Aona’s brain because we want to use that information for further reference or whatever you want to call it – or for past reference.

And the other thing. We know how to read the little squiggles of energy that are comprised in the brain, so we can use her information. Then also by coming into the body we can experience through what we call her physical beingness.

Then we can see through her eyes. We can feel through her hands. We can extend the aura – which is no more than energy – but we can extend her aura so that we can feel things – the vastness of things, the smallness of things. And we use the ears to hear and the mouth to talk with. We can use the physical construct – those of us that know how – and are able to experience that which gives us a great deal of pleasure.

But we are not bound within a physical construct, which makes it even greater. Now wouldn’t that be enjoyable to you? To be able to go and experience all of these dream realities that you have set before yourself and keep experiencing those?

Then someday get to the point of recognition where you can be where you don’t have to be concerned with the body. Yet, still have that which you call the experiences for your own individual evolution.

Because that’s what you are doing. The physical construct is having experiences for the expansion and evolution of you in the physical body and the YOU that you are.

I guess the closest thing that we have come up with in telling you about the YOU that you are and the you that you are in physicality is a simple analogy.

In other words, it is like the YOU that you are sticks a fist in a bucket of water and wiggles the fingers around and moves the water back and forth and is fascinated by what happens with the water. And yet the hand can come out of the water and the water goes back and it is like it was before the hand went in.

That is your relationship to the YOU that you are and the you that you are in physicality. You are a portion there of.

You are the fist in the water.

You are experiencing tactilely the feeling of the water and watching the water as you make different patterns in it and everything.

You see, that is how you and the YOU that you are are connected and work together. The only time you separate yourself to the point of total and complete separation – because that is the only way you know how to function at the present time in physicality – is when you are awake.

When you are awake, you pull your attention into that which you call your physicality because that’s where you are functioning from and that’s where you’re drawing your pictures and everything.

But when you are asleep, you’ve pulled your hand out of the water shall we say. So you can’t say, Well I’ve got a higher self. No, you do not have a higher self.

When you pull your hand out of the water, that doesn’t mean you haven’t had the experience. You’ve had the experience, but it was not in that which you call physicality. So you wake up in the morning. Why? Because the fist went back into the water.

It’s very simple. I know you’re going to say that’s a crude analogy, but that is the best I can do. I can’t seem to draw a picture for you to get you to recognize the grandness of you. That is what the search is all about – to find out.

You’ll say, This is impossible and that’s impossible and something else is impossible. So you’ve set up barriers here there and the next place because it’s impossible.

But you forget, your hand in the water is attached to something.

So why be afraid of anything? Why is anything impossible? Because, when you die – you still are living. So what are you doing? You are living in different forms that you have created for your self, for various reasons. Remember these are your pictures. These are your dreams. These are your desires.

This is what you do, no one else does it to you.

They say, Well this person died so young. That person died young because they wanted to. That person is the one that set the whole experience of physicality in motion. They are the ones that keep it going through life, death, life, death, as many times as you want to do it.

It’s you! And it’s you that experiences in this bubble Universe. It’s you that does the experiencing in other areas of physicality. You have a whole Universe. You have enough barriers just being in physicality that you put in front of yourself, without throwing up other barriers about the rest of the Universe.

They say, We need to go to this planet and we need to go to that planet and we need to go to some other planet. Fine. Do what you want to do. But the thing that happens is, you keep saying, We can’t because. You can do anything you so desire.

But, if you don’t desire to even change that which you have imbedded in your thought (think) patterns of being restricted in every direction, then going to some God-head and restricting yourself there because once you get there, that’s the end all. Well, if you are a forever being, you are going to spend an awful lot of time doing nothing.


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