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Datre answers Jerry (part 1, Datre206)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Jerry and the first question is; “If I properly understand the Datre material presented from the beginning, our “first level” spiritual view, or experience, would be most likely with the Akashic level.”

DATRE: Now, there again, the Akashic level – there is no such thing. What the Akashic records that everyone thinks is a holy bible or whatever, is nothing more or less than a record of that, which you call, evolution upon your planet.

These so called, Akashic records is the constant recording of physical evolution that has and is taking place on your planet. It is much like having a camera that is constantly recording everything that is taking place all over your planet. It’s a vibrational recording.

Your countries have all changed over time, so it doesn’t matter whether it was the Roman Empire or the Reign of the Egyptians. Or whether it’s what’s going on in your countries as you have them today.

What is going on with your wars? What is going on with some countries that have great surges in their evolution? So these are nothing more than the recording of these events.

The Akashic records can be read by anyone. If your physical vibration can match the vibrational patterning of these Akashic vibrations you can read anything you want. In other words, the Akashic records, if you were to read them, you would get very confused unless you focused in on something particular, because it’s all there in one big mish mash. Past, present and future.

But if you have in that which you call your brain, and you focus on a certain event that you are interested in finding out more information about, that can be obtained.

You just set your vibrational patterning to that which you want to view. So the Akashic records don’t tell you any more than what has taken place on your planet. It’s not going any place, it’s just there.

The Akashic vibrations, which you call records, are not all sitting in one place, like a great big library. Your atmosphere, as you call it, contains vibrations. These vibrations are interpreted by individuals in any manner they so chose. This is why there are, what you call, discrepancies.

So it’s nothing to be concerned about. Unless it’s something you want to see if you can read it, and if you can read it that’s fine and if you can’t do it that doesn’t matter anyway because it has nothing to do with you today in your present moment.

All right, what I’m saying is that any event that happens on your planet, where are those vibrations going to go? They’re within your bubble, it’s all there. So it doesn’t have to be in a big book. It doesn’t have to be in a library. It doesn’t have to be contained in any specific location. It’s just a vibration that you can attune yourself to.

Then you’ll say, I want to look up something that happened at the time of the Roman Empire. Well, what if that vibrational information is down at the South pole? Well, how do I get to do that? Well, it’s real simple, there is no space and there is no time.

So, man has worked with physicality so long that everything has to be solid and compartmentalized. That is the fallacy of the whole thing, because nothing is solid. Nothing is solid. Everything is in a state of fluidity – if you want to use that term.

Then again, I say fluidity and you think of the sky and you think of the water, so I can’t get past that one either.

But it just IS. It’s an ISNESS. That’s why your today experience is so important for you to recognize. Because, this is the one that you have. You don’t have yesterday and you don’t have tomorrow. All right continue.

JOHN: And continuing the next question is; “The Akashic level is most directly “connected” in time/space concept as just outside our current lifetime of here and now present. Where the lower level vibrations of that would be the least pleasant and desirable (for most at least) while the higher levels would be more “heavenly” as we see it. Such being akin to our earthly “Bubble” as you have put it.”

DATRE: Now, you talk about the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations. There is no such thing. Now, that’s going to come as a shock to many people, because there’s got to be a higher and there’s got to be a lower. No! Everything within your bubble is an experience.

Then you’ll say, Well, where does spirituality come in? Spirituality is a creation of humanity residing within your bubble. That’s all it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

As you have gone through your periods of – humanity changing – your changes have take you through different levels of understanding.

That is probably one of the most important statements for you to realize.

The constant changing that we have referred to as evolution, because it was the only word you had to describe what you were doing. You’re doing nothing but changing your concepts of ideas on your planet that you work with. Then when the ideas are to the point that you want drastic changes, then that is what will occur.

Then we call them evolution simply because you have had everything on a strict time line. What we are trying to do is take you away from the time line, so that you can see further. In a “stretched moment” such as you are in now, your timelines are very blurred. You are moving out of an old timeline and have not as yet established a new one.

What makes it work? Why does it work? It’s your experiences. It’s your understanding of your experiences.

In other words, if you didn’t understand your experiences, you would still be back in, what you call, the Roman times. You would continue to just experience the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.

But, because of your understanding of a certain play that you’re acting out, and saying, Well, it’s about time we changed this, we have come to the end of our season.

In other words, it’s time for the play to close. It’s time to take on another written script. That’s what you do. That is what we have called evolution. So you can see how you move from one place to another.

Now, you’ve already started in this New Millennium and everyone seems very scattered, because you haven’t solidified what you want to experience. The current play is still in flux.

In other words, a play that is starting out is changed many times. Well, that doesn’t work just right, we’re going to have to change that. The audience is not going to be able to grasp and understand that, so we’re going to have to change that. Then you change that.

Then something else comes up and, No this person is coming in from the wrong side of the stage, they’ve got to come in from that side because that changes the whole concept of what we’re trying to present.

That is the way your play, on the large scale of planetary existence, works. That’s why you have different countries. Because they can act out a play in a smaller scope, than in a world wide scope.

Maybe that will help you understand what this is all about. It’s the plays that are taking place.

In other words, it is like you call where they go and try out all the plays in a certain area of a country. Where they’re trying out all these different plays and then they have… I think you have in this country, what you call, the Broadway in New York.

What they do on Broadway is that they go up and down the streets to the different theaters. They have different plays in different theaters. But those actors and actresses that are in those plays interact with each other and they’re very good friends.

They get together and have lunch together and talk about their plays. The rehearsals and all these different things. Then sometimes one actor will go from one place to another because they need that type of influence in that play.

All right, now take that picture and put it on your planet. Then each one of those plays that people are playing in, take one play, that’s one country. Take another play, that’s another country. Then you can see how the people from these different countries interact with each other in different plays.

So you see, maybe in that context, you will understand more about what is taking place on your planet.

Then you have countries that agree on subjects. Then you have countries that disagree on subjects. This is all, what we look at, from our standpoint, as your evolutionary process. This is what changes things. This is what has always changed things.

Because countries of different viewpoints get together, no different than people that are in plays. The playwrights, the directors, the producers, they’re not at odds with each other. They get together and talk about things. So countries do the same thing.

Then it is how the different countries act out their plays. And through the action and interaction you have, that which you call, evolution. Continue.

JOHN: Next question is; ” My most enjoyable spiritual experiences have been those associated with the what I call unconditional love.”

DATRE: Now remember, love is an emotion of the physical construct. Now, what is unconditional love?

In other words, if you have unconditional love that means that you don’t pay any attention to anything that particular individual does, because you say, That’s unconditional love.

In other words, unconditional love does not criticize. That is the only thing that we can think of. Unconditional love doesn’t criticize.

Now, that goes in the exact opposite of a saying you have on your planet. The ones that truly love you are the ones that tell you when you’re wrong. They give you a different insight as to how you are reacting to a situation. You have another term for it called, tough love.

It is very easy to sympathize with a person in their poverty. It is far more difficult to appreciate without envy, someone’s affluence.

Tough love, if you want to look at it, is much more difficult to act out than unconditional love. From our point of view, unconditional love is passivity. Nothing ever happens in passivity.

In other words, if you have a standing dish of water, and the water just stands there and you watch it nothing happens. Then the next day you look at it and nothing happens. And the next day you look at it and nothing happens. Nothing has changed. That’s passivity.

That is not taking charge and moving things. Now, the next day the person walks by and says, I’m so sick and tired of seeing that water sit there doing nothing, and they drop a marble in it. Then the water moves and they say, Well, that gave me some pleasure.

The only change that is ever needed is to change your self and how you view your world around you. Trying to change another person does not help you in your evolution. It just holds you in your present reality. Continue.

Continued on Datre207


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