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JOHN: j.r. You asked, “Since I have such a problem with probable selves and realities, would you explain these terms, so that a simpleton like me can understand them?”

DATRE: Simplified question but not simplified answers. The question again?

JOHN: What are realities?

DATRE: What are realities? All right we will start from the simplest way I can think of to tell you about that which you call realities. Realities…

No, lets see, we will start in another way. We will start from the psyche. The psyche, that little spark that is in each one of you helps you in the physical to achieve that which you wish to achieve in what you would term your lifetime exploration. The psyche within you is non-directional it does not go linearly it goes up, down, back, forth – it goes in all directions.
When you go to sleep at night you connect with your psyche. In other words, the you that is the YOU that you are and that little spark, that LIFE SPARK, the psyche shall we say, get together and decide which way you wish to go the following day or over a period of time. You have something that you came here that you wanted to experience.

In front of you… now this is putting it in a picture form that may be easier to understand. Say that you walk up to a candy counter where they have a whole counter of candy displayed and each section has a different kind of candy in it. All right, the psyche say’s here is your candy store at the present time. Which of these candies do you want? You say, which will better help me achieve the direction in which I choose to go?
The psyche will say there is multiple choice, however, the best way to achieve that is with gumdrops. However if you wish, you might try licorice, that is your decision. These are all multiples that you can experience if you so desire, which do you choose? You say well, I guess maybe I’d better take the gumdrops. That is a reality that you have chosen for the physical experience, at that particular point in ‘time’.

Now, depending upon the clarity with which you receive that information has a great deal to do with how you will react in that particular reality at that particular time. In other words, if you drag a lot of your physical expression into the ‘dream time’ you will find that it will become, it is like it is blurred. So you don’t exactly get the gumdrop, you may get a
combination of a gumdrop and a piece of licorice, and that is what you will bring back into the life expression out of the ‘dream time’.

Now, that is a reality in which you will work until you find that you wish to experience something else. In other words, if you find that you are doing what you want to do in that particular reality you will stay in it until you become uncomfortable with that which you have chosen.
At that time you will get together with the psyche again and another, shall we say, alternate reality is chosen. Now these realities in a physical existence are separated by only one thing and that is vibration. Now this is very simplistic, remember that. The boundary’s that keep you from sliding from one reality to another is the vibration of the physical body, understand?
All right, now the more in tune you become with your psyche, the clearer your expression will be. The clearer your expression is. The more you understand about the workings between that which you call the expression and that which you are and that which you express, becomes more integrated with the physical reality.

Your vibration automatically, shall we say, rises. Because you are bringing in to your physical being existence more of that which you are. Your not fighting the psyche, you are going with the psyche and the more that you become in tune with the psyche, the vibration of the physical being in which you are residing changes. That is an automatic.
As the vibration between the psyche and the physical being that you are expressing through becomes more in tune, the psyche can go anyplace. So the psyche being in tune with you, your physical body vibration accelerating, that’s when you can slide from one reality to another. Because the vibrational barrier is not as strong and when that isn’t as strong, in other words you’re not bumping into a brick wall, so you slide more easily from one reality to another.
That’s where the difference in realities occurs. It’s the vibration in the physical being that stops you from going from one to another. Otherwise you would slide all over the place. Then in time/space you would slipity slide, slipity slide.

Now, that is what happens when you find someone that is slipping from one place to another. Their vibration within the physical being, because of their knowingness and working as directly with the psyche as they do, they have not set up barriers between the psyche and the you that is expressing in physical form. So at that point, you in physical form and your expression and the psyche shall we say, will hold hands and say lets go someplace else. So you see, what a grand adventure it can be.

Now there are, shell we say, “isim’s”, “osophies”, and all of those other things you have on your planet, they say… stay in the flow, stay on your path, they use all kinds of words to tell you how to stay within your reality. In other words, don’t fight where you are because when you fight, the more vibrational energy you setup in the body, which is fighting the psyche. Now, does that make sense to you?

JOHN: In other words the being on the path and so forth is a form of guidance that say’s “go with the flow” and things will work out.


JOHN: Okay.

DATRE: Okay. So what happens, your going down the path and everything is great. Now, you hit a rock that you don’t see. Your toe hits it, you stumble, you fall, you get up and you cuss. “I don’t want that in my way”. “I want a house, I want a family, I want a dog, I want a cat, I want this, and I want that, I want something else”. And the psyche say’s, “You came here. You asked me to help you learn this, and how am I going to teach you if you don’t allow me to show you something?” Understand?

JOHN: Understood!

DATRE: All right. Now you said, “make it simple” if that is not understood, we will try again. This is a new way of going.

JOHN: New adventure.

DATRE: New adventure.


DATRE: Now lets try and simplify the next one.

JOHN: Probable selves.

DATRE: When the entity wishes to explore physicality it sends out LIFE sparks. The LIFE sparks are…lets see… let me work on that… lets put it this way. Because the entity cannot perceive… as it chooses, in other words it goes zippp and its done.

JOHN: Thought do.

DATRE: Yes. A form of thought do. That is the best you can do with the words that you are limited to. Alright, in order to know itself the entity puts out these LIFE sparks for you to experience in physicality so that that information can be gathered in by the entity. Now that is not done with only one physical expression. Get back to the candy store again. You
chose the gumdrop, because the psyche says, “you wish to experience this” all right? You chose the gumdrops. There are all of these other sections with the candy in it. Every section that has a different kind of candy in it will be experienced by different LIFE sparks.

JOHN: Of the entity?

DATRE: Of the entity. Then, that is how the information is gathered. Now, you expressing in physical form is but a probable self of the one standing next to you that takes the candy next to you for physical expression. You are a probable self of the other one standing in the candy store taking another piece of candy. It is all the expressions of each one of your individual LIFE sparks. This is the information that is gathered into that which is your entity. Now, there are multiple entities, there are multiple probable selves. Did you wish to ask a question?

JOHN: No, I understand that, that part there.

DATRE: You see it is a probable self, in that the probability is in taking that which you… you chose to experience. In other words, you’ve got all these kinds of candy… So probably I’ll take one and probably I’ll take another but the one that you don’t take, a probability will take this one or a probability will take the other one. Now, you can be living in what you call different ‘time’, linear ‘time’ spans multiple… You see it
is so hard to separate those things because it is all happening at the same ‘time’ and still there is a ‘time’ quality to it.
Now the probable selves that you are, are all connected to one entity. Say there’s… say there’s, ah, how many do you want connected to an entity?

JOHN: Oh, I don’t know, probability a thousand. Just for the hell of it.

DATRE: All right. Now you’ve got a thousand. All right, each one of you because you ate the different kind of candy has a different vibration. Now what happens when someone, one of the probable selves connected to this entity? You eat a gumdrop, the one next to you eats the licorice, but in your experiential life experiences your vibration changes because you ate that gumdrop.
And the one eating the licorice, that vibration changes. At that point when they both get very close together. That is when you can begin to express and experience that other person next to you, shall we say. Simplistic? Or is that confusing?

JOHN: No, that’s fine. Question. Can you relate this to the Seth books – Rob Butts and Jane Roberts experience at York beach?


JOHN: Because everyone who has read Seth, understands that particular incident.

DATRE: That is it. That is it. That is another expression of them.

JOHN: But, they specifically took that part of themselves – their greater selves and set it away from their self – so to speak.


JOHN: Because they weren’t interested in that experience?

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: So they set it free…

DATRE: There again, they chose their reality shall we say. The other ones chose their reality. But because of the vibration all coming from the same entity and the ah… shall we say, the increased vibrational rate of Jane and Rob’s bodies were such that, as you know, Jane switched in and out of realities all the time. That was very natural for her. All right, shift, and here they were. Shift back out again. She pulled… you see these
things happen so automatically when you get to that point that it is hard for someone that does it so naturally, which you do John, to maintain the rigidity of staying within the physical being. You slide very easily. They saw what they could have been.

JOHN: They saw another probability is really what they saw.

DATRE: They saw another probability. Does that make sense to you?

JOHN: Yes. And what they obviously did is, by putting that other
probability in the same physical experience spectrum they had a more direct reference to work against.

DATRE: That is correct. Because what Jane was doing in her writing of the books is, she was in a process of experiencing. Now, that is what we have maintained all along, if you don’t experience, you can’t really explain it to anyone else because what happens is… you see this channel, as a for instance, if she had a barrier she would kick out that information. If she had a system that said – I don’t believe such things like that can happen, it would not happen, it would not come through this
channel – because she would set up a physical resistance. Which, even if she’s out of the body, remember the body would react.

JOHN: It has it’s own agenda.

DATRE: The body has it’s own agenda. It’s when the body, the psyche and the physical expression all begin to work together that the fluidity begins. Now, someone will say, well all right I can travel out of body all the time. That’s very simple that is no problem at all, it takes a little work, here and there, to be able to… ah … work to the point of manifesting that through the physical being. But, that is natural.
The only thing that stops you from going out of body is the fact that you tell the body that, I’m afraid to do that or I don’t think that I can do that. The minute the barriers are taken down, whee, away you go.

But again that takes a little training. It is like a child, a child you can put – a small child in the center of a room and tell them stand here and rap on that wall – the child does it. Because he doesn’t know he can’t – he hasn’t been ‘trained’ out of that knowingness. The older they get the more rigid adult they become.
Until the time they are in their 20’s and 30’s they have set up such blocks, such barriers, because it is not as much what they believe, it is what everyone from the time they were born has told them to believe. If they were to sit down and make a list of all their beliefs honestly and sincerely, and then where did that belief come from? If they look at that honestly and sincerely, they will find those beliefs are something that someone has told them.

JOHN: They bought it.

DATRE: Not only that, you are also working with a genetic lineage. So you not only hear it from the time you were born, you inherit it through the genetics of the physical being that you are expressing through. Now, that may have been lengthy. We tried to simplify as best we could. If there are more questions we will be most happy to answer them. We thank you for this opportunity. Because in teaching we learn what the physical beings are expressing. Good night, we are Datre.


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