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Barbara you asked Datre’s view on a birth disorder.

JOHN: This question is from Barbara. She is not on the net so it will not go on the net unless she puts it on there. “I’d be interested to hear your view on genetic disorders. I have a daughter with a very rare disease, which she was born with. Her father and I both carry the recessive code for this disorder, and I have some theories about the meaning of this experience.
I’d be extremely curious to hear what you think about such an occurrence.”

DATRE: All right, when an individual takes upon that expression of physicality, they have chosen; before they have entered the physical construct that which they wish to experience. That which they wish to quote unquote “learn.” The genetics are chosen in a direction they believe will best serve their learning process. In other words, someone say’s “next time (you can put this in quotes) I want to have enough money so that I can study to be a musician.”

The genetics have all been carried down through the linage of families, shall we say. The genetics with the music inclination will be chosen for that individual to work on in their physical expression.

Now, you will find that many individuals, at this time in particular, are coming in with different, shall we say, to use the word to cover it all, handicaps. The handicaps, be they small and insignificant to some, as dyslexia, short attention span, and the hyper nervous over excitable children – autistic, those you would say are minor. To them they are major. Others come in with handicaps of a physical nature. For some reason or other you refer to them as major. To them they can be minor. So it depends on your vantage point of viewing.

You will find very often the people who do not want to be distracted extremely in any direction in physicality will come in with something that will focus their attention on a learning process. Something they wish to experience and learn by and through. If you have an extremely healthy body, can eat everything, enjoy everything, never sick a day in their lives so to speak, they will find that their thought patterns are “out there” instead of “in here.” A handicap of any kind brings you into a more narrow focus of attention.

Now, many people blame themselves for children with a handicap. That is not to be – because it is not understood. The child chooses the parent. The child chooses what they wish to experience. The choice is theirs. The one coming into a family chooses the family they wish to experiences with.

Now with that understanding you can see that it is a cooperative effort on both parts, because, not only will the child learn from the parents and with the parents, the parents with patients can also learn from and work through and with the child. It is a learning experience in both cases. Some appear to be more difficult than others.

I believe that a great deal of the difficulty comes from the guilt the parents place upon themselves for “handicapping their child”. The child would not come to you if the agreement had not been made beforehand. So there is no guilt involved. It is a cooperative learning experience. I do not know how much more to add to that.

We cannot locate individuals. We need to talk on an overall scale of that which we view as your mass humanity. We hope we can help you understand the situation in which you are all taking part. If there are further questions please contact us. Thank you and good night, we are Datre.


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