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George Wrote;
JOHN: “Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts mentioned in Seth Speaks chapter 17, session 569, between 10:04 – 10:43PM… “that there is something like a chart mapping many of the nearby systems of reality, and I hope some day in your terms to make this available.” Seth mentioned this while talking about Speakers and other systems of reality and how these systems merge into each other in relation to points of coincidence or Coordination Points (CP).”

DATRE: There is something wrong with that statement; there is some confusion in the individual asking the question. There is something there John, I can’t quite figure out what it is. Is it possible to have the book available so that we can pursue that in the proper manner, something is not right. I cannot answer that question as it is posed at the present time.

JOHN: Yes, we have the book and I can get that for you.

DATRE: All right, would you mind putting that down in the context of the book? Then we can answer it.

JOHN: Sure I can do that. I’ll read the whole section of the book that’s included here.

DATRE: All right, that will help, because I cannot answer the question as it is presented.

JOHN: “Now: The rules within physical reality say that objects appear to be stationary and permanent. The rules of other realities are often far different, however. The nature of mental activities will follow different lines, and “continuity” in terms of time will not exist. Perceptual organization will exist by the use of different psychological groupings. From the outside, such systems would seem meaningless to you even if you
were able to perceive them.”

DATRE: That is one of the things right there that is very important. It is a journey that has to be, from my vantage point in looking at physicality, that is a vantage point that has to be reached through experience. All right, continue on.

JOHN: “You would not be able to observe the pivot points about which action occurred. The very definite rules of that system then would be quite obscure to you.”

DATRE: Now, we have said before and we will repeat again about realities. Realities are the only places that you will find barriers, as you talk about them. You have talked about barriers. That is the only barrier, and the barrier exists for the very reason that it is on a different vibratory frequency, that is the barrier. Understood?

JOHN: Understand.

DATRE: All right continue.

JOHN: “Now the Speakers are familiar with the rules within many systems. Still, however, most of these systems in larger terms are somewhat connected with your own kind of reality.”

DATRE: Now, the channel that we use is able to have access to different realities. That is because of her understanding, number one, and number two, because of her vibratory frequency. You see that’s why I say those things are so difficult to explain to anyone, because it is hard to explain a vibratory frequency in connection to the understanding of a specific individual.

But it exists, and it is that frequency that allows or dis-allows the movement between realities. That is an individual thing, that is why it is very hard to blanket the whole thing as a statement to everyone. Because you don’t know that you have entered another reality, until you come back into this one, and then try and explain it. You have no words, you have nothing that you can… you see this is a nuts and bolts reality; you have wooden blocks that you build with. OK! In other realities is… they are fluid.

Now, not all, there are also other nuts and bolts realities which can be accessed easier than the fluid. Because in the fluid realities that you enter, if you do not know who you are, you are going to get lost and never get out of there again. There is no other way to do it because you have to know, and you can’t get past that barrier until you DO know, because you
have nothing that you can associate the present reality that you are living in, physical body, eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, smell the whole thing – that you are experiencing at this present time. If you don’t know who you are, you cannot leave that all behind and go into a fluid reality and not get lost. There’s no way.

So the barrier is there and you do not cross the barrier, until, you know who you are and your vibratory frequency matches, and it is like you walk through a wall. You also, at that point in time, know how to turn around and walk out through that wall. And when you walk back through that wall into this physical reality there is a considerable amount of what you call “time” to re-orient yourself into the physical being. You know you have experienced something magnificent, but that has no construct that you can bring back into this one. Continue!

JOHN: May I make a comment?


JOHN: I thought of an analogy that might apply to a fluid reality, and an individual who might coincide with that reality without recognizing it. It would be like, as I see it, an individual being like a drop of oil on a body of water. As long as the water didn’t move, the oil (being) would stay coherent and together. But as soon as the water began to undulate the oil
(being) would begin to loose its coherency and become widely dispersed. Then that which you thought you were is no longer organized and you become totally dispersed and lost to that which you recognized as you.
DATRE: Yes, that is a good analogy. I can see water and I can see oil. I can understand that, yes.

JOHN: I was just trying to give them a picture for the mind.

DATRE: Yes, yes, pictures… that is why we try to keep it simple. Ok, now you can see the direction we are going in, that I could not go in before. Continue.

JOHN: “There are an infinite number of inner universes.”

DATRE: Correct!

JOHN: “Only the very highest, most developed gestalt consciousness can be aware of anything like their totality.”

DATRE: That is a very minuscule amount of individuals, very minuscule. Continue!

JOHN: “In this larger context, then, the Speakers must be called local. There is something like a chart mapping many of the nearby systems of reality,…”


JOHN: “and I hope some day in your terms to make this available. In order to do so, Ruburt must be trained somewhat more intently. There are points of coincidence where under certain conditions entry may be made from one of these systems to the other. They need not exist separately in space as you know it, of course.”

DATRE: That is true. You see you think of space as being empty. Space is “mighty” crowded. That is true, the statement is true about training the individual.. ah, that he is working with. Now, she, or did… now I’m confused. You said a man’s name.

JOHN: Oh yes, Seth referred to Jane as Ruburt. I think the entity name is what he used.

SETH: Of course! Of course! Let me take over from here. I am Seth.

JOHN: I’m John.

SETH: Good afternoon John.

JOHN: Good afternoon Seth.

SETH: All right. Now, Jane knew how to bridge realities. Grand experience. However, when in physicality, which is such a strong… your bodies actually… I’m starting out this and then I have to change my mind. Your bodies have a certain rigidity that has narrowed itself down so tightly that the words to express are so very limited that the vocabulary cannot match the experience. It was not that Jane could not bridge realities. She
did so.

The difficulty is not in her doing so, the difficulties were in that she could not describe. You can’t explain – the unexplainable. It is a natural thing for those who can go in and out of realities; it’s a natural, not an occurrence every day, all the time because then you could not hang onto yourself here.

But what I’m saying is going into another reality for Jane – Ruburt was no big deal. But that is something you can’t quote unquote “train” another person to do. It’s not something like you can read a book and it say’s number one – you do this, number two – you do that, number three – you do that and number four – this is where you are. It doesn’t work that way. Jane “allowed” experiences.

She may have had rigidity in some areas but, for her to travel into and out of other realities was very natural to her and, therefore, she could do it but no vocabulary to explain it. That is the same thing we run up against when we’re working with this particular channel. It isn’t that she can’t do it. It’s that were trying to find words in what we call her “dictionary
package”, which we read through her brain her body her whole existence, and the vocabulary/dictionary, shall we say, that we have here to try and match to make things understandable. But at this point in time we can’t find words to explain the pathways. See, that doesn’t make sense to many people, they’ll say “well why can’t I do it?” Well, it’s real simple, number one – you haven’t experienced – you haven’t taken your bodies into control and said OK now this is what we are going to learn.

Jane taught ESP classes. She tried to help other people to obtain the experiences that she was having through her ESP classes. But you can only hold a person’s hand so long, then you have to let them go, and either they are going to have the knowledge, and it does take knowledge — you have to understand to change the body frequency. And there is also a frequency within that which you call your “mental structure” for lack of other words, and there again, see, we’ve got words that tie us in and we can’t explain. But you have a frequency within your mental structure that allows you to access different realities. But, until such time as that is bridged then the realities are unobtainable, shall we say.

JOHN: Not only do we have to bridge it, once we bridge it we have to learn to navigate it.

SETH: That is another thing. But you will find that after the first time in and out… you are surprisingly unique individuals in that you know that you can do this, you do it but you stay a very short period of time because you want to be close to that wall so you can be able to get back out again. You “dip in” to experience and you come back out very quickly—because until you become familiar with that, then you are not going to stay any
length of time.

JOHN: That’s the navigating/training process.

SETH: That is and there’s only one teacher and that is YOU.

JOHN: That’s the one trying to navigate.

SETH: That is correct. That is why we have said again and again, we can hold your hand just so far. We can give you clues, indications and everything just so far. But if you want to experience, that is your own. So, I do not know if we have satisfied anyone with this explanation or not, but that is the best that can be done at this time, because vocabulary wise we can’t break it down small enough for understanding. Now, were we to put Jane and this channel together, should that have been the case that we could have put the two of them together, they could have traveled together, because they both know.

But that is the only time that it ever works with more than one. And that still is an individual thing. They could go from this reality into – and they would decide – lets go to XYZ and they could go, shall we say together, but basically it is each individual.

JOHN: Well it’s the same thing in any reality, including this one the experience is totally and completely an individual thing.

SETH: That is correct. You can’t go in a “group”. If you want to go any place outside of your own little area of physicality you can go to your “dead zone”. Go in and out of that, pickup information out of that, bring it into this one, back and forth, back and forth. The “dead zone” is your own little reality, shall we say, with a different vibration and you can “dip” in there, come out of it, “dip” in there, come out of it, back and

But that is created from this physicality, with the same standards as this physicality; it’s just a little different vibration. All right now, you go beyond that point into another reality and you have a different “ball game”.

So, we have rattled on long enough. It has been great talking to you. We’ll see you again. Good night.

JOHN: Good night, thank you very much.

SETH: Yes.